Some Rules to Keep in Mind About an Auto Auction

Before you actually decide to walk in an auto auction, you have to ask yourself how much are you really familiar with cars? Or do have a discerning eye or sufficient knowledge which can identify the hidden damages to the car? In an auto auction you would have little time to carefully inspect the car amongst all the drama around you. You need to have a beforehand knowledge or consent with an expert before walking into an auction.

Another important rule is to establish contact and build a relationship with the auctioneer. It’s amazing how far will you go if you exhibit good nature and strike an interesting conversation with auctioneer. Obviously, sellers won’t become your well wishers with a whip of a magic wand, but they will look out for you and help you out if you become a familiar face.

You should know about the auction rules. The auction block usually has four lights; red, yellow, green and blue. Here are some highlights of what these lights mean. Red light is the ‘as is’ light which means you are the higher bidder and car is yours. Yellow light means the auctioneer is going to make an announcement about an issue with the car. Green light means you can drive around you vehicle for inspection if you are a winning bidder. Blue Light signals a situation called “title attached,” which means the title has yet to arrive at the auction. You have to have know-how of these rules which can vary from auction to auction.

How Do I Find The Right Car in the Auction?

A step even before entering into an auction is to figure out what kind of car you want to buy. With a huge, irresistible variety of shinny cars parked in front of you, it’s hard to keep your needs in perspective. You have to narrow down your choices to a few cars which are more attuned to your lifestyle. Before you start fixating on certain group of cars, you have to take a pause and ask yourself some questions which will help you prioritize your needs.

Do you have a big family; need space for both groceries and car seat? Do you prioritize MPG over power or vice versa? Do you want your car to be more catchy or convenient?  The time you spend on answering these questions will help you figure out exactly what to look for in an auction. Moreover, it will prevent you from buying a car which seems like a lovely ride but later turns out to be unnecessary luxury or not fulfilling.

The next thing you have to consider is the budget you can spare comfortably for the car. Try looking for a car which has benefits that outweighs the cost you are supposed to spend. e.g. you have a job which has an absolute requirement of a car which can take long routes and saves on mileage. It is wise to invest even a bigger sum of money in such situation because it will save you much more in future. Also keep in mind that a vehicle loses 15-20% of its value in first year. So, avoid borrowing money to pay for something flashy which is significantly going to lose its value in the following years.

Researching Before You Buy at an Auction

This is the stage where you have narrowed down your choices to a few number of car after a thought process and detailed inspection. Now, apparently, all cars seem best fitted to your needs according to your opinion. However, you have to make a comparison based on statistics, reviews, user response, customer satisfaction, expert ratings etc. to select the best car out of all.

There are several websites and platforms available to provide you with the insight of each model and comparison between old and new ones. Websites like CarGuru( have the used car guides with reviews to help you make a more informed decision. TotalCarScore( is another site which can assist you in ranking your final choices.

Once you have selected the model of the car, search for used car listings to look for any used models which can fulfill your needs at a lower price. For instance, you might have the budget of buying a model of car you just shortlisted in the auction but still you might find a year or two older model of the same car, having more or less the same features and mileage at a considerably lower price. You can spend the money on repairs and yet save the money if the price margin is way too large. The AutoTempest ( car search engine is another platform which can provide you with broadest used car listings to choose from.

Should I Buy Car Warranties in a Used Car Auction?

Car warranties are basically another form of car insurance. They pay for the damage in case of accidents but off course they don’t happen more often. Car warranties are more commonly bought for psychological reasons than for financial safety. No matter what most companies publicise, on average, they expect to make money selling warranties rather than benefiting the buyer. Obviously, that won’t happen if they pay more for damages than they earn from selling warranties. So, if you have saved up enough for emergencies, you should preferably consider avoiding warranty.

On the other hand, if you perceive the idea of used cars being more prone to damages, you should go for the warranty and rid yourself from daily headaches of paying large bills. Even if you have made your mind, you should consider other factors as well because different companies offer different coverage options.

What car components should be covered in plan? If you have some mechanical knowledge or you have found problems in the vehicle history which are specific to certain parts, you can opt to buy powertrain warranty which generally covers engine, transmission, drive axle etc. It will keep you from spending unnecessarily and put your mind at ease.

How much is the deductible? Is the specific repair shop far from your location? etc. Your goal while buying a car warranty is to maintain a balance between your financial constraints and your peace of mind. You have to make sure that you are not paying for something which is not absolutely necessary.

How to Select Salvage Cars on Auctions?

You might find it difficult to pick a car from a whole lot of flashy, eye catching cars, that truly serves your needs and falls in your financial range. Here are some things you need to consider before you make your decision.

Firstly, you should go through the images of the vehicle, try not to get too attached before you actually visit to see the vehicle. Inspection is always a good idea before placing a bid. It gives you a clear idea about the damage type and how the car has been handled. Also, get the vehicle’s identification number and information about the vehicle’s history like whether it was damaged due to flood, fire, collision etc. This could help estimate the repair costs later.

Secondly, make sure you estimate the amount of money to be spent on the repairs and replacement of damaged parts. Go for a test drive and closely hear for any weird noises and look for any fluids leaking from the car. You can bring an expert for ease of conscious, but you will know whether there is something wrong with the car if you are little vigilant. If you are worried, look for brokers that provide assistance with inspection.

Thirdly, take into account the transportation of the vehicle. If you live in the suburbs, you might want to consider auction houses that provide transportation as part of the purchase.

Lastly, if looking at a reconditioned car, it’s a good idea to consider the brokers which provide insurance coverage as well. You might want to avoid the headache of spending money every day on repairs.

What Are Government and Police Auto Auctions?

Legally, government agencies must make any spare or seized items available for sale to the general public. This means that whenever customs has confiscated a vehicle or military has surplus cars or whenever a car is grabbed due to loan default, those vehicles are presented at the auctions to be bought by general public. As the main goal of these auctions is recovering any sum of money, you can hope to get quality items at value way below the market price.

Due to the idea of economical purchase of valuable vehicles, these auctions are very popular all across the continent. Moreover, you don’t need to spend money to get access to the auction listings. Federal, State and local government list all their auction information free of cost online. You can either do a search for auction information on your local government or police department’s website or you can directly contact them and ask for the details. Some of these auctions are held online but some of them require you presence.

In addition to that, there are yet more websites which provide easy interface and makes entire process lot smoother. But you have to keep in mind that some of these sites can be fake or unreliable. It’s better to discuss working of these websites with your colleagues or friends before placing bids.

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