Charity Motors–Accepts Car Donations for Charity besides Auctioning Vehicles

Most people consider auto auctions as a place to purchase a decent car at an affordable or even an unusually low price. If you know what you’re doing, it is probably a good choice, and assuming you’re willing to do the necessary legwork.

Another benefit from some auto auctions is as a place to dispose of an unwanted car, as an alternative to attempting to sell it directly, especially if you are interested in giving to charity and gaining a tax benefit in the process.

Charity Motors in Detroit accepts donated vehicles, allows you to direct your donation to any church, school, or charity you choose, guarantees the full market value of your car at the time of you donation (no waiting for the car to sell), and provides the necessary tax record of your donation. If you do not have a particular charity you have chosen or favor, you can select on of Charity Motor’s favorites or simply let them decide for you. You also get the satisfaction of a secondary level of charity in your donation, as Charity Motors uses donated cars in their own special transportation assistance program to help the underprivileged with transportation.  So you make a donation to charity of the value of your car to your chosen charity, a comparable tax deduction, and the car in turn helps people who cannot afford their own, making Charity Motors the ideal place if you wish to donate a vehicle.

Charity Motors has donated more than 24 million dollars to over 2000 charities; some of their choices are listed here. Charity Motors also holds a weekly auction on Saturdays and direct retail sales from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Their telephone number is 888.908.CARS .

Midwest Auto Auction-An Industry Leader

Whether a person wants to buy, sell, or donate a car to charity, Midwest Auto Auction stands out.  Located on Telegraph Road in Redford, Michigan, Midwest Auto Auction has spent 60 years establishing itself as an industry leader.  As we noted earlier, Midwest Auto Auction is “considered one of the oldest and most established public auto auction houses in the country,” and its business has grown from vehicle auctions to a number of other services, such as estate auctions and an auto pawnshop, but still considers auto auctions its premier business.

Their website provides a current inventory of available vehicles, a history, FAQs, and even a 6 and a half minute video presentation providing an overview to the viewer.  A person may purchase a vehicle at their weekly auction, every Friday at 10 a.m. or arrange a purchase during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 10-5 or Saturday 10-3.  The weekly auction is in two parts; the first features vehicles that cannot be driven or are too large for the auction facility, and the second where vehicles are driven into the auction area.  No registration is required for bidding.  Winning bidders must provide a $300 deposit and then have 24 hours to provide payment.

Besides cars, Midwest Auto Auction also sells boats, motorcycles, RV’s, construction equipment, jet skis, snowmobiles, Semi trucks and trailers, motor homes, aircraft and pretty much anything with wheels.  They also buy cars whether they are old, new, badly rusted or not even working.  Donating a car or other vehicle is as easy as filling out an on line form including the possibility of pick up, with proceeds.

Midwest Auto Auction’s reputation is enhanced by its membership in several associations including the National Association of Public Auto Auctions, which we wrote about previously.

More on Motor City Auto Auctions

Suppose you want to try your hand at finding, bidding, and purchasing a used car for yourself.  You just want to get a good car for a good price and prefer not taking your chances with a used car lot or dealer.  An auction business like Motor City Auto Auction might be an option since it allows bidders who are neither dealers nor resellers, it doesn’t charge to place a bid, and holds 2 auctions every Saturday.

Motor City Auto Auctions has a user friendly web site which features a virtual tour, a simple and quick application process to become a bidder, very detailed instructions for bidding, and both financing and warranties available.  The site provides a list of available vehicles with year, make, model, and color, and it features a weekly list of display vehicles that include a pictures.

I expected their customer testimonial page to feature comments by satisfied customers; but, while the menu of photographs of  around 80 cars, some with what I assume to be buyers, I did not find any working links to comments by buyers.

Motor City Motor Auction is located on Groesbeck Highway, just north of 13 Mile Road, in the Detroit suburb of Fraser and is open every day except Sunday to view vehicles on site, although some only arrive close to their Saturday auction.  Motor City Auto Auctions has both a Facebook page and a Twitter account (@MotorCityAA).

Besides a weekly assortment of fresh vehicles and a supply of hard-to-find luxury vehicles, Motor City Auto Auctions promises friendly service, “a comfortable, no pressure experience,” and a “unique, fun, and interactive live auction experience.”

Premier Auto Auction

Contact Information

6345 North Hix Road
Westland, MI 48185
(734) 721-2886

Official Website (none)

Important Info


Greater Detroit Auto Auction

Contact Information:

19865 Telegraph Rd.
Brownstown, MI 48174
Phone: 734-479-4360
Fax: 734-479-4370

Official Website

Every Wednesday

3:00 pm Auction Preview
4:45 pm Auction Class
5:00 pm Live Auction

Every Saturday

8:00 am Auction Preview
9:45 am Auction Class
10:00 am Live Auction

Public Auction

Vehicle Types

  • Bank Repos
  • New Car Trade Ins
  • Dealer Consignments
  • Public Consignments
  • Donated from Charity


Midwest Auto Auction Inc

Midwest Auto Auction Inc

Time: Fridays @ 10:00 AM
Call Us At (888) 345-9100

Public Auction

Official Website

General Information
Midwest Auto Auction is not only considered one of the oldest and most established public auto auction houses in the country, it has also become a recognized leader and innovator within the industry. Many of the procedures used throughout the auto auction industry were crafted here at Midwest Auto Auction. Following in the direction of their Founder who demanded innovation, imagination and thinking beyond the horizon, Midwest continues to innovate and craft new and better ways of doing things. These innovations and their reputation as an early pioneer in this industry, coupled with their drive to excel, is a great source of pride to them.

A & M Auto Auction

A & M Auto Auction
91 Manchester
Highland Park, MI 48203
(313) 866-9130
Type: Public

If you have more information on this auction please let us know!

Motor City Auto Auction

Motor City Auto Auction
31065 Groesbeck Highway
Fraser, MI 48026
(586) 285-9500
Type: Public
Live Auction Every Saturday @ 11am & 2pm
Viewing begins @ 10am

Offical Site

More Auction Details

Welcome to Michigan’s premier auction house. Typically, auto auctions are held for dealers and resellers only. However, Motor City Auto Auction breaks the mold of traditional auto auctions. Now you can receive the same deals at reseller & dealer cost. Motor City Auto Auction, Michigan’s premier auction house.

J & D Recovery and Auto Auction Inc

J & D Recovery and Auto Auction Inc
16000 Fullerton Street
Detroit, MI 48227
(313) 837-0900
Type: Public
Time: Auctions are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. Our hours are Monday-Friday from 9-5 and Saturday 9-1. We are closed the first Saturday of each month.

Official Website

Auction Details

Charity Auto Auction Detriot

Charity Auto Auction
11500 East 8 Mile Road
Detroit, MI 48205
(313) 526-6021
Type: Public

Time: Saturday at 12 noon

Official Website

Details: Charity Motors® usually has more than 500 vehicles to choose from ranging, on average, from $100 to $1,000. All vehicles are sold “as is”. Financing is not available; however, you may leave a deposit to hold a vehicle for three (3) days before paying in full.

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