Auto auctions are held in almost every major city in the United States. Many auctions are held privately for major car purchasers such as dealership owners and auto lease companies. Some, held for commercial auto equipment such as trailers, 18-wheelers, and tractor equipment, are also closed to the public. When it comes to many local public auctions, anyone in the market to purchase may join. While you can attend an auction and just watch, it’s highly recommended  that people have cash in hand to be able to purchase when they win the bidding contest. Watching without cash and not bidding may seem a bit boring, but it’s a good idea to visit an auction at least once before actually participating.

Along with public auto auctions, you also have the option of bidding at police auctions. At these auctions, you bid on used but operating police squad cars. From time to time, they’ll have vehicles that are not running but sell for much less than what you might normally pay. I would advise enlisting a mechanic to look over these types of cars before even considering a purchase. However, if you do find a car not running but salvageable, by all means, make the investment. Another thing to remember is that, although everyone is allowed into an auction, it’s not recommended that you ask lots of questions if you don’t plan on purchasing. The auctioneers are there every week and notice repeat attendees who don’t bid. They view these people as dead weight and sooner or later will stop talking to you. Before you choose your auction, be sure to find out if it’s open to the public, if you can bring extra people along, and if you must sit in a certain part of the auction house if you don’t plan on purchasing. 

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