When attending the local auto auction, you may have many questions regarding a car’s condition. In some instances, auction houses have the flexibility to allow you to test drive the cars. Don’t count on this being common, as many can’t provide test driving, while some auctions totally forbid the idea of test driving because of the liability involved. They would prefer not to put themselves at risk by allowing people to drive away from the lot. Certain situations may provide you an opportunity to test drive on the lot, but again this is a rarity.

Now, for the lots that do allow test driving, it’s usually only available on a certain date prior to the auction. For example, one auction house only allows test driving 7 days prior to the cars sale date. Imagine 30 people wanting to test drive 30 different cars on auction day; it would be chaos for the auction house. It should also be noted that the auction sites will more than likely require you to have a current state license and your insurance information on hand before you can take the wheel. These requirements protect them in the event a person decides to steal a vehicle while on the test drive or has an accident while driving. Just remember to find out the rules far in advance so you may know how things will go once you arrive for your test drive. You can usually find the auction house’s policies by logging onto their website or searching online, or you may find their number and call them.  Most businesses are happy to answer questions for prospective buyers as long as they don’t abuse the privilege.

Lastly, if you are able to test drive while onsite, be sure to look and listen for any potential issues. By simply turning the car’s radio down, you may hear indications of problems to be investigated.  Bringing along an experienced mechanic is always advisable, if you can arrange it.

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