Most skillful buyers attending auto auctions observe a concept called “due diligence”. This process entails finding out all the pertinent information regarding the auction before attending. Smart buyers seek information such as where the auction will be located, the reputation of the auction house, and, most importantly, what cars will be sold on this day and their condition.

The most important variable to find out, in advance, is what cars will be sold at the auction. Some auctions provide information online including pictures, title status, and the all-important starting bid price. Older auction houses may require you to call in and have the information faxed to your location, or, even worse, you may need to stop by and retrieve an information sheet. In any instance, you should have the information before the auction begins; you just need to figure out how to get it.

Other mediums such as eBay have auctions by the second so all you’ll need to do is log on to and search for the car you want. GSA government auctions also have a searchable car database.  Once you’ve found a listing, be sure to read through the terms and conditions carefully. In any case, the information regarding auto auctions is usually common information that can be found by simply picking up the phone or checking a website. If possible, review the list of cars to be sold prior to attending the auction; this will give you a hand up on the other potential buyers and help you seal your purchase with ease.

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