Depending on what auction format you plan on using, you may or may not need to be onsite when your automobile sells. In my opinion, you should always be available and ready to answer questions even if your car is being sold by a third party. Think about it, nobody knows your car like you do, and who else better than you would be able accurately to answer questions about your car?. Now, in other instances, such as online auctions, you need not be online when the car is selling but must be available to field any questions that arise during the process. For example, when using an eBay auction to sell a car, you will get plenty of questions from prospective buyers, any time, day or night. It’s in your best interest to answer these questions promptly and honestly. In essence, you’re competing against other auto sellers for someone’s hard earned cash; so quick, honest answers are to your advantage.

Now, at most live auctions, your car’s information will be available on a sales sheet. The information will also be provided prior to the auction over the house speaker. Again, I would suggest always being on hand and available to answer questions if the auction house will allow you to do so. Another major factor in your decision to be present or not is the overall condition of the car. If you have a limited edition vehicle with low mileage and minimal wear, the car will sell itself. If the car is not in high demand and you have some reservations about the final sale, you’ll probably want to be present and ready to answer questions. Your first-hand information about the vehicle being auctioned will, at the least, eliminate negative assumptions or fears. Doing so will improve the chance of selling your car for the highest price.

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