Auto auctions can be great if you’re looking for a many different types of transportation. You may find cars for leisure, fleet cars for your job or service, and even motorcycles, among the most overlooked items found at auctions. For the biker enthusiast, finding a deal on a motorcycle is, bar none, one of the best things that can happen. Auctions don’t just have one or two types of bikes; so let’s talk about what you may find.

Cruisers: If you’re looking for a cruise type motorcycle, you may want to check the local demographics as cruisers tend to be for the middle aged crowd. These bikes are bigger and more powerful than others and therefore command a higher price. However, if you’re lucky enough to find one at a local auction house, I’m almost certain you’ll get a great deal.

Antiques: Now, these bikes can be rarely found at local auctions but more at trader-style, collector’s auctions. When these are held, people come from all over the world and purchase great bikes for their collection. At these types of auctions, bikes are usually sold for more money and can be found in fantastic condition. Have your cash together if you’re considering this auction genre.

Daily Drivers: Also know as a “Crotch Rocket,” the daily driver motorcycle is the one found most commonly at auction. You’ll see these bikes ranging from 600cc to 1000cc and very affordable in price. Be advised, these bikes are the ones you’ll most commonly find a great deal on.

Overall, bikes have increased significantly in popularity and are very much present on the road. Again, demographics play a large part in what you may find; so, if you have several auction houses in your city, be sure to check the area to minimize your time searching. 

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