Legally, government agencies must make any spare or seized items available for sale to the general public. This means that whenever customs has confiscated a vehicle or military has surplus cars or whenever a car is grabbed due to loan default, those vehicles are presented at the auctions to be bought by general public. As the main goal of these auctions is recovering any sum of money, you can hope to get quality items at value way below the market price.

Due to the idea of economical purchase of valuable vehicles, these auctions are very popular all across the continent. Moreover, you don’t need to spend money to get access to the auction listings. Federal, State and local government list all their auction information free of cost online. You can either do a search for auction information on your local government or police department’s website or you can directly contact them and ask for the details. Some of these auctions are held online but some of them require you presence.

In addition to that, there are yet more websites which provide easy interface and makes entire process lot smoother. But you have to keep in mind that some of these sites can be fake or unreliable. It’s better to discuss working of these websites with your colleagues or friends before placing bids.

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