EBay can be a great place to purchase a great used car. It’s also known to be a place where scammers feast on novice buyers, day in and day out. The question has arisen: How do I protect myself from scammers on eBay? I’ll provide a few suggestions to help answer this question. No plan is 100% full proof, but these steps will help you sleep at night after spending large amounts of money on a new car.

A) Assure you have shipping arranged before your purchase: Before you even buy your car, know how you’ll get it from the seller’s site to your home. More than likely, your purchase will be thousands of miles away, and you must prearrange transport. Because most auctions require you to retrieve your vehicle within a limited time frame, be sure you read the fine print on the auction page.

B) Be sure to complete a Carfax before you purchase: It’s absolutely imperative that you complete a Carfax report before purchasing your vehicle. You have no idea if a car has been in a wreck, flood, fire, or other major event. While a Carfax does cost, you’re assured that you have done everything possible to protect your investment.

C) Make your payments through PayPal only: PayPal is the most secure method of payment for any online transaction you make. This company verifies banking information and insures that all parties receive a fair deal. PayPal is the suggested method of payment for eBay and other auction sites.

With these steps, you should be protected against most scammers on auction sites. Before you purchase, just be sure you complete the necessary research and follow the steps above to improve your chances of making a wise and safe purchase.  If you have had experience or  have other suggestions to avoid getting ripped off through an online auction, please feel free to comment.

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