Looking for a great deal on a high quality vehicle? There are many options to choose from including new car dealerships, used dealerships such as Carmax and Drivetime or even online resources such as cars.com. However, one great overlooked option for deal seekers is the auto auction. If you live in a large, metropolitan city, more than likely you have an auto auction close by that’s available to the public. Now, while these auctions are great for car steals, you must be very careful when choosing your new wheels. Here are a few things you might want to be aware of to ensure you are not ripped off at the auction.

1. Be sure you understand the cars true mechanical condition. Look, we’re not all blessed with the gift to be mechanically inclined. If you are sure you don’t know much about cars, take a family mechanic or a friend who’s knowledgeable enough to know a great car from a lemon. This is essential in choosing a vehicle that will last.

2. Not verifying a valid VIN number. Guess what, just because you see a VIN number etched into the car door does not mean that VIN number is valid. Ensure the VIN number from the car doors, windshield base and the trunk lid stickers all match. If they don’t match, stand clear! The car may have been wrecked and rebuilt.

3. Dismissing the Kelly Blue Book quote. If possible, take your smart phone along for the trip and be sure to check the cars blue book price online. It’s easy to do, log on to www.kbb.com and follow the direction to complete the quote. This way, you don’t overbid for a car and spend more than you have to.

These are a few steps you can take to ensure that your car buying experience was a good one. Good luck!

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