Insurance Auto Auction Inc. (IAAI) is a prominent live and online salvage auto auction company which also has a branch in Conshohocken, PA. On November 19, 2013, IAA launches a Market Value Tool mobile app for iPhone, as part of the suite of products from IAA’s industry leading CSAToday® platform. This app is being considered a breakthrough in the industry because no one has taken such an initiative before to provide the customers with the facility to estimate the value of the vehicles in a few swipes of thumb.

This tool is effective and resourceful being connected with the historic auction data, allowing its customers to research and compare vehicle value. You just have to enter the VIN manually or otherwise, and type or speak the model, year, make etc of the car. The app cross references historic auction data with the previously sold vehicles through an IAA auction. The company considers the data such as damage details, location information, drive capability etc. and presents an informed analysis of the vehicle’s value which user can print, save or share.

The CEO of IAA, Tom O’brien , is determined to invest in mobile technologies which can better cater to their customers need. IAA has made breakthroughs in mobile technologies in the past and they have done it t yet again, introducing an app which allows their clients to gather useful information and make calculated decisions.

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