Someone asked, “Is buying a car from an auto auction a good idea?” To answer in one word, YES! There’s almost no greater place to purchase a high quality vehicle at a cut rate price. Making the winning bid on a great care convinces me that auto auctions are great places for great deals. Read below for a few more reasons why this is a smart move for you.

1) The bargain: Know that any time you decide to go into an auto auction; you will most likely get a bargain on your purchased vehicle. Why? The purchase price is the lowest bid price. Of course, this happens when you have the highest bid, even if it is at a remarkably low price

2) Empowerment: No one can make you purchase any car; that choice is totally yours. If you see a vehicle that interests you and, after taking a look, you decide to set your minimum price, don’t budge on that price. You have the option to do that versus going into a dealership where they don’t provide you much leverage in negotiations. With an auto auction, you’re truly empowered to make the moves you see fit, buy only when you’re ready, and hold yourself to bidding within your budget.

3) No tricky salesmen: At a car auction, what you see is what you get. Nobody is tagging along, grabbing your coat tails, and trying to persuade you into making a purchase you are not ready to make. An auction can provide freedom to choose with a clear mind and thorough understanding. Obviously, the auction house wants the cars sold, but they have no salesmen selling you gimmicks and false hopes.  You bid, you don’t bid, or you bid higher; it’s your choice.

I’m a huge fan of the auto auction because of these 3 major benefits. Trust me, it’ll be an experience you will enjoy while you get a fine car at a good price.

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