Many have asked the question, should I scrap my old junker or try and sell it at an auction. My answer is simple and plain, skip the auction and sell it another way. I would also advise against just scrapping a car for several reasons.

First off, every car has some tangible value. Think about going down to the local junkyard. Everything in the junkyard has value and sometimes junk parts can be just as expensive as new ones. For this reason you should call out the scrap metal yard or the local junk yard to provide an estimate for your broken vehicle.

Why not the auction? Because you’ve got to haul the car all the way over to the auction house, which will cost you extra money and try to sell someone on why they need to purchase your broken car for top dollar. Companies like 1-800-got-junk and others would be more than happy to stop by and take the car off your hands without you raising a nail. Also, Craigslist is another great resource to find people looking for scrap that can take these troubles off your hands.

Lastly, have you considered fixing the car yourself? If the car is broken, and you have some automotive skills, it might be in your best interest to fix it. It will cost you only for parts but not the sky-high labor cost you’d pay at the local auto repair. Let’s say you were able to fix the car, now you can take it down to the auction where you could actually get top dollar. Don’t waste your time trying to convince someone why they should buy your clunker, sell it off for junk, or fix it yourself. I can guarantee you’ll save time, money, and heartache by doing so.

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