Port Huron Auto Auction Hours
Wednesdays: 5pm
Saturday: 10am

Official Website
PHONE : 810-388-9000
FAX : 810-388-9900

Auction Rules:


Due to insurance regulation and in the interest of safety, children under the age of 16 are not permitted on auction premises during the auction.


Any person found tampering with or removing equipment or keys from vehicles will be subject to suspension from the auction and criminal prosecution. Dealers will be held responsible for the actions of their employees and guests. PHAA will not be responsible for lost or stolen keys or radios, and/or accidents, damage or vandalism.

Sellers are responsible for representing vehicle condition and mileage accurately and fairly. Sellers are
responsible for verifying the accuracy of the “announced conditions” as well as the accuracy of specified year and mileage. Sellers must announce if odometer is broken,
replaced, altered or in excess of it’s mechanical limits.


PHAA is not responsible for nor does PHAA guarantee the accuracy of the odometer reading on any consigned vehicle. However, PHAA will require that the seller repurchase any vehicles sold with an odometer problem.


Buyers are solely responsible for verifying vehicle year, make, model and serial numbers against the title before leaving premises. Upon removal of the vehicle from PHAA premises, buyers shall be deemed to have waived any objections to title information discrepancies.


All vehicles purchased must be paid for through the auction office, even if bought directly from the seller away from the seller away from the auction block. All vehicles purchased directly from the seller away from the auction block are sold AS IS and are not subject to arbitration for any reason. Sellers engaging in direct sales away from the auction block will not receive a check until the vehicle has been paid for in full.


Vehicles that are not registered for the next sale and not removed from PHAA’s property within 2 business days of last sale will be charged a storage fee of $10.00 per day. Any vehicle left over 30 days will be sold for storage fees or impounded and towed away.

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