This is the stage where you have narrowed down your choices to a few number of car after a thought process and detailed inspection. Now, apparently, all cars seem best fitted to your needs according to your opinion. However, you have to make a comparison based on statistics, reviews, user response, customer satisfaction, expert ratings etc. to select the best car out of all.

There are several websites and platforms available to provide you with the insight of each model and comparison between old and new ones. Websites like CarGuru( have the used car guides with reviews to help you make a more informed decision. TotalCarScore( is another site which can assist you in ranking your final choices.

Once you have selected the model of the car, search for used car listings to look for any used models which can fulfill your needs at a lower price. For instance, you might have the budget of buying a model of car you just shortlisted in the auction but still you might find a year or two older model of the same car, having more or less the same features and mileage at a considerably lower price. You can spend the money on repairs and yet save the money if the price margin is way too large. The AutoTempest ( car search engine is another platform which can provide you with broadest used car listings to choose from.

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