The old adage is that it’s always easier to keep your current customers than it is to make new customers. There is an interesting article on Dealer Marketing’s website about keeping tabs on your current customer base in order to market to them. It suggests things like tracking the dates when their leases are nearing an end so that you can be sure to market to them just before their lease expires with your offer.

This idea could be extended in several ways for dealers both large and small. Most used car dealers are still not using email marketing. Email marketing is the process of getting your customers’ email addresses and then sending them emails once or twice a week. This is a great way to keep in touch and is internet marketing 101. Most big dealers are probably not being very intentional about their marketing, so while they may be sending emails out, they may not be tracking things such as those mentioned in the Dealer Marketing article.

If you aren’t collecting email addresses of your customers, start. If you are, email them. If you are emailing them already, you wil enjoy the concepts in this article.

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