Skipco Auto Auction


Skipco Auto Auction

700 Elm Ridge Avenue
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614

Phone: 330-854-4900


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Skipco Auto Auction was started by our company president, Skip Blowers, in 1978. Skip started Skipco Auto Auction because the lending institutions that he was repossessing for, needed a quick and fair way of selling off their repossessed collateral. Skipco Auto Auction has been auctioning cars off ever since, now selling over 10,000 cars a year. They have grown over the last 32 years from auctioning cars off in a field, to our modern 12,000 square foot Auction Facility.

The great thing about buying your next car at Skipco is that you decide what to pay, not what a dealership tells you to. Skipco, has on average, 150 cars available weekly waiting for your bid. Never again pay more for a car then you think it is worth. Our motto around here is, Buy like a dealer, buy wholesale, save big.

Our services include:

  • Vehicle Preparation & Auction
  • Title & Licensing Services
  • Legal Advertising
  • EBay Auctions
  • Special Advertising
  • Appraisal Service

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