OKI auto auctions


OKI auto auctions
120 Citycentre Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45216

Phone: (513) 679-7910


OKI Auto Auction is located in Cincinnati, Ohio just off of interstate 75 at exit #9. They are Cincinnati’s only locally owned auto auction. They serve a large portion of the Midwest including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. They run 2 dealer auctions each week and 2 repossession auctions each month. On an average week, They will run 500+ units that are consigned by over 50 area new car dealers, lenders, and charitable organizations. OKI Auto Auction is neither the owner nor the seller of the vehicles.

CarMax Cincinnati


CarMax Cincinnati

12105 Omniplex Court
Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

Phone: (877) 316-1632
Fax (513) 830-8431


A better way to buy used cars

They always knew there had to be a better way to buy used cars. One that would make the process easy and fun. So we created CarMax, and we’ve been changing the way America buys cars since we opened our first store in Richmond, Virginia, in 1993.

Our business concept

  • They offer tens of thousands of used cars across the country
  • Every car we sell has a low, no-haggle price
  • Our vehicles are superior in quality. Only the best cars meet our high standards
  • They’ll buy your car whether you buy from us or not
  • You’ll get friendly customer service

Through hard work and dedication, they’ve grown from that one store in Richmond to more than 100 stores across the country. They’ve sold more than 4 million cars. They’ve appraised more than 16 million. And the news is buzzing with stories about CarMax, the experience they offer their customers, and the work environment they provide for our Associates.

CarMax is listed on the FORTUNE® 500 list, and they’ve been named one of FORTUNE’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” nine years running.

How did they do it?

Quite simply, CarMax was built on the fundamental principle of integrity, reflected in the way they serve their customers, treat each other, and deliver their products.

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