More on Motor City Auto Auctions

Suppose you want to try your hand at finding, bidding, and purchasing a used car for yourself.  You just want to get a good car for a good price and prefer not taking your chances with a used car lot or dealer.  An auction business like Motor City Auto Auction might be an option since it allows bidders who are neither dealers nor resellers, it doesn’t charge to place a bid, and holds 2 auctions every Saturday.

Motor City Auto Auctions has a user friendly web site which features a virtual tour, a simple and quick application process to become a bidder, very detailed instructions for bidding, and both financing and warranties available.  The site provides a list of available vehicles with year, make, model, and color, and it features a weekly list of display vehicles that include a pictures.

I expected their customer testimonial page to feature comments by satisfied customers; but, while the menu of photographs of  around 80 cars, some with what I assume to be buyers, I did not find any working links to comments by buyers.

Motor City Motor Auction is located on Groesbeck Highway, just north of 13 Mile Road, in the Detroit suburb of Fraser and is open every day except Sunday to view vehicles on site, although some only arrive close to their Saturday auction.  Motor City Auto Auctions has both a Facebook page and a Twitter account (@MotorCityAA).

Besides a weekly assortment of fresh vehicles and a supply of hard-to-find luxury vehicles, Motor City Auto Auctions promises friendly service, “a comfortable, no pressure experience,” and a “unique, fun, and interactive live auction experience.”

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