Midwest Auto Auction-An Industry Leader

Whether a person wants to buy, sell, or donate a car to charity, Midwest Auto Auction stands out.  Located on Telegraph Road in Redford, Michigan, Midwest Auto Auction has spent 60 years establishing itself as an industry leader.  As we noted earlier, Midwest Auto Auction is “considered one of the oldest and most established public auto auction houses in the country,” and its business has grown from vehicle auctions to a number of other services, such as estate auctions and an auto pawnshop, but still considers auto auctions its premier business.

Their website provides a current inventory of available vehicles, a history, FAQs, and even a 6 and a half minute video presentation providing an overview to the viewer.  A person may purchase a vehicle at their weekly auction, every Friday at 10 a.m. or arrange a purchase during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 10-5 or Saturday 10-3.  The weekly auction is in two parts; the first features vehicles that cannot be driven or are too large for the auction facility, and the second where vehicles are driven into the auction area.  No registration is required for bidding.  Winning bidders must provide a $300 deposit and then have 24 hours to provide payment.

Besides cars, Midwest Auto Auction also sells boats, motorcycles, RV’s, construction equipment, jet skis, snowmobiles, Semi trucks and trailers, motor homes, aircraft and pretty much anything with wheels.  They also buy cars whether they are old, new, badly rusted or not even working.  Donating a car or other vehicle is as easy as filling out an on line form including the possibility of pick up, with proceeds.

Midwest Auto Auction’s reputation is enhanced by its membership in several associations including the National Association of Public Auto Auctions, which we wrote about previously.

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