National Association of Public Auto Auctions (N.A.P.A.A.)

As I was exploring the web site of Mid-west Auto Auction, Inc., with the intent of expanding on what we posted previously, I noticed that the listed, among their membership and associations, the N.A.P.A.A., or National Association of Public Auto Auctions.  Thinking that such a listing might provide a bit more confidence in an auto auction’s business, I decided to check out this association and see how many Michigan Auto Auctions are members.  Assuming I understand what I found, Mid-Michigan Auto Auction, Inc. is the only Michigan business that is a member in this association.

What I found most interesting about the N.A.P.A.A. was its “Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct, which include the following:

  • To serve the automotive auction industry with honesty and integrity.
  • To treat all buyers and sellers fairly. “The Golden Rule” shall prevail.
  • To be honorable and trustworthy in all dealings.
  • To abide by all applicable Local, State and Federal Government Laws and regulations.
  • To act in a fiduciary manner regarding a client’s funds.
  • To never commingle client funds with personal funds.
  • To protect the general public, dealers and fleet accounts from unscrupulous practices.
  • To conduct ourselves in a professional, dignified and business like manner so as to merit respect and confidence from fellow members, industry affiliates, dealers, fleet accounts and the general public.

Only 17 auto auctions across the United States are members of the N.A.P.A.A.  In addition to its “Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct,” its web site has a map of member businesses and a search engine a person can use to locate the car they want among its members.

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