Advantages of Seized Auto Auctions

Lee Connors wrote about “Five Reasons to Try Seized Auto Auctions” in this 2007 article.  His thoughts seem worth a look today.  If you’ve ever bought from a dealership, you know how challenging it is to get a good price, perhaps later discovering that someone had gotten a better deal.  We a ll want a great car and a great price.  Seized auto auctions offer “vehicles seized by the banks, police agencies or government” or pre-owned government vehicles with potential for thousands of dollars in savings and, in come cases, starting bids of as little as $100.

1.  Peace of Mind

To maintain a good reputation, auctions sites offer a variety of customer services.  You may get a vehicle history report, buyer protection from fraud or misrepresentation, or even a buyer’s rating if he has sold before.  Some sites also offer resources on how to bid and how to buy on line.

2.  Convenience

With on-line auctions, you may bid from home.  With a laptop or iPad, you can bid from anywhere with wireless and be taking care of other business while you wait for your winning bid.

3.  Staying on Budget

On-line bidding isolates you from pushy salesmen determined to get your name on a sales contract.  With the placement of a maximum bid, you also establish your limits before the excitement of bidding begins, giving you a better chance to stay with your means.

4.  Easy Paperwork

Many sites seek to keep your purchase as simple as possible, starting with on-line forms.  Many also offer courses on bidding procedures, access to finance or insurance companies, and even a way to verify V.I.N. numbers.

5.  Thousands of Choices

Starting with vehicles on site, to lists of cars to be auctioned with their location, and finally access to databases, auction sites can help you find a car you want, pretty much where you want it, or take you request and inform you when the car you want is available.  Some business are dealer only, while others allow access through membership.

Connors wraps up with this excellent counsel:  “Remember that information is key. Like any major purchase you should do your research on the car you plan to purchase. Once that research is done familiarize yourself with the policies and guarantees offered by the seized auto auction site. Find out what you can about the vehicle and the seller. Look into insurance and financing options. Prepare well and you should have a very enjoyable experience and own the car of your dreams for thousands less than the guy next door all buy trying out the seized auto auctions.”

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