It’s hard to resist posting a video like this. Any dealer or car enthusiast who has been to an auction can appreciate it. This video is from one of the top auto websites in the world called Auto Blog. In this video, they sent two of their own to witness the auction of all auctions. With over 270,000 people in attendance, you can only imagine what this auction must have been like…

This auction does over $92 million dollars in sales and attracts all types of car enthusiasts and collectors. It hosts classic cars, new cars, fast cars, pretty cars, restored cars, and almost any other type of car you can think of. Some of the world’s most amazing cars show up at these auctions and go up for bid to the masses. Check out the video here:

If you like that video, maybe you will consider putting attending a major auction on your “ToDo” list. It looks like it would be quite the event no matter what types of automobiles you are interested in.

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