Those who buy cars for reasons beyond simply getting a quality car and a great price probably already know where the auctions for their specialized interests can be found, unless they’re newbies, of course. However, I came across something unique, recently, a collection of old cars in better than normal condition for their ages. These cars have been sitting in an old man’s buildings for 17 years.

An auto dealership in Pierce, Nebraska, closed with 500 cars in its inventory, among them 50 brand new Chevrolets from the 1950s and 1960s with less than 10 miles on the odometer. These cars have not been driven since, and apart from the minor damage of aging itself, these cars are in first class condition.

The article reporting on this find lists auction dates of September 28th and 29th, this fall. Owners Ray and Mildred are now in their nineties, and their daughter says selling the collection came from what a painful decision for them. The auction will be held at Vanderbrink Auctions in Pierce, Nebraska, and their site provides further information.

On Vanderbrink’s site is a video of some of the “survivor” vehicles to be sold. It is one of 66, if you’re interested, and you can get started here. I watched for just a few minutes, and I was reminiscing while I enjoyed seeing some cars of the past in beautiful condition.

The original story site includes a number of photos of cars to be auctioned. About half way down, I found one of a 1959 Chevy Impala, the car I drove through my college years. Mine was sky blue, and my friends and I called it the “Winged Wonder.” If I could afford it, I’d be in Nebraska, this September, to see if I could buy one. What an opportunity for those who want to relive their youth!  Oh, and if you’re into collector car auctions, you might want to check this out.

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