Generally, the thought of auto auctions comes with an attached fear as to whether or not the auctioned cars will be reliable. It would be really frustrating to spend all your money on a product that sucked. For this very reason, people are tempted at the great car prices available at the auto auctions but ultimately hesitate in buying one. If you too have faced such a dilemma, then you have landed on the right page. Here you will get informed about whether it will be a good move on your part to purchase a car from auto auctions.

First and foremost, you should consider that finding a reliable car at an auto auction is very similar to purchasing a used car from other sources like Craigslist or a used car dealership. The auction is simply a different format. Testing the reliability of a used car at an auto auction should be the same as well. And it’s not a difficult task at all provided you use some common sense and use the following tips.

  • In testing the reliability of the used cars, the first step is to get informed about the various channels that these auctioned cars come from for the particular auction of interest. Some of the auctioned cars may come from bank repossessions, some from lease returns, and some from other sources. Usually, you can find this type of information on the auction website, and this information should give you an good idea of what to expect as far as quality. (You will find each auction’s website link on the listings on this site. See Chicago Car Auction for example.)
  • It is also imperative to know whether the auctioned cars have been checked by the organizers of the auction with regards to safety etc. Some auctions check the cars over, others do not. Check to see if the auction house has any type of checking service and/or if they offer any recourse in the event that the car craps out on you.
  • Moreover, do not forget to make sure that the cars offered at auto auctions have an extended warranty. While it won’t help you pick a car that isn’t a bad egg, this could save your skin if you get in accident.
  • Before the bidding begins, some auctions allow you to test drive the cars which allows you to check the air blowers, electronics, listen for noises, and see if the car seems sound. If you aren’t auto savvy, you’ll probably want to bring someone who is to the auction with you so they can check the car over.
  • Furthermore you also have the option to go through resale value books and consumer publications that will acquaint you with the reliability records of any used car that you are thinking to buy. Get the Carfax and whatever other records the auction house provides before you purchase.

On the whole, deciding upon the reliability of a car at auto auction is completely in your hands. If you follow the above tips, then you will definitely have a better chance of not getting a lemon

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