Just about anybody can sell a vehicle at the local auction, but there’s a science to getting the most for the vehicles you sell. You must make sure that you cover 3 very specific areas to ensure you’re getting the most money from your sale.

  1. Make sure your car is clean and presentable: Nothing improves a price like good curb appeal. No one wants to purchase a vehicle with dirt buildup and trash inside the car. Having a filthy car also suggests other concerns like the motors condition, for example. Be sure to invest a few dollars in getting your car detailed professionally, and make sure you do it either on the day of the auction or on the day before. Make sure the inside smells good; people are attracted to good smelling cars.
  2. Make sure it’s in top condition: If possible, make sure your car has no leaks or squeaks before listing. This simple process can make you thousands as other cars will probably not be as well kept as yours. Also, make sure all the exterior and interior lights work and all other essential functions are operational (horn, breaks, and interior fans, even the radio).
  3. Have maintenance records: Think about this; if you have the maintenance records on a car in top shape that’s also clean and presentable, you have conquered the auction. You’re car will sell for top dollar, and you’ll be glad for it. Whatever record you can muster will help your case. Oil change receipts and scheduled maintenance slips can prove you have been a good owner. If you have these, make sure you bring them along and make mention of them.

By completing all three steps, you prove to potential buyers that they aren’t buying a junker. This gives them confidence in knowing that your vehicle is well kept and should last them for a while. 

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