While there are many places where you can purchase a quality used vehicle, none match the flexibility given to you at an auction. Auctions allow you to place bids on vehicles based on many variables such as quality, type and condition. Once you place your bid, you wait until the next bidder raises your price. If your price isn’t exceeded, you win the bid, and take home the prize.

Let’s take it one step further and speak about police auctions. Police auctions provide you the same exact options as public options but with one main difference, you’re bidding on used police fleet vehicles rather than bidding on vehicles owned by the general public. These fleet vehicles may have been lightly driven by senior staff, and others may have been in dozens of high speed chases. Police cars may have features absent from other vehicles, such as high performance, high end motors, law enforcement exterior/interior dressings (sirens, extended rear-view mirrors, and lights), and cage-separated seats. Depending on the auction, you may find these items attached to the car at the time of purchase which means, when you drive away, they belong to you.

One major advantage of purchasing a vehicle from a police auction is the maintenance record. When a city department owns a vehicle, they require certain scheduled maintenance to be kept for liability reasons. The cars are also washed regularly and taken out of service more frequently than you may believe.

Lastly, don’t think that cars are the only thing you can buy at police auctions. From time to time, you may find seized property from criminals, tractors, and other special use equipment available at bargain prices. Police auctions have gained popularity over the last few years and appear to be a major player in the auction mix in cities nationwide. Go ahead and check them out; what you find may surprise you.

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