Many people are aware of the emergence of the auto auction. Auto auctions allow you to purchase cars that are, in most cases, slightly used but in great condition for bargain bin prices. Below are a few other reasons why auctions are a great way to buy and sell cars.

A) Sellers get their cash upfront: When entering your vehicle in an auction, you’ll get cash the same day minus fees for the auctioneer. In my opinion, I’d rather have my cash upfront versus waiting extended periods of time. What better way to get a quick return for your vehicle and move on to the next one? Even if the car doesn’t sell, you won’t lose anything. Just take it home, and bring it to the next auction.

B) Winning bidders get cheap, low cost cars: Let’s be honest, auctions are for people seeking bargains. Unless you’re attending an antique auto auction or one for high performance cars, it’s probably safe to say people are looking to spend less by bidding for a low price. You should head to the auction with a budget in mind and spend less, not more than your limit.

C) A large, on-demand audience means more bidders: Another great advantage about attending auto auctions is that you have a pool of people who have seen your vehicle up close and personal and have an idea of what they might spend on it. This is especially beneficial if you have a vehicle with a clean title and Carfax record. Your vehicle will most likely be one of the most highly sought vehicles onsite.

I hope these reasons have convinced you to investigate the auction in your local town. I can assure you that you’ll save money and find a great car in the process or sell one and walk away with cash in your pocket.

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